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Below are comments from customers and visitors about our web site and our services.

Let me tell you, Edie, I spent ten years in the personal computer industry, and can attest your site is magnificently done. The majority of big companies could learn some lessons from the way you have things set up. The design, the performance, ...EVERYTHING... looks great! 4/8/2000

Edie--Your web site is unbelievable. It is like a carnival ride on a stary night! Thanks for your enchanting web site! 5/6/2000

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you do and how you do it. Your web site is terrific. 7/23/2000

I appreciate the time you took to answer my letter, not everyone would have taken the time to do so. 8/14/2000

Thank you for sending the dinner plates and for shipping them is such a very fine protective packaging...I am so glad that I discovered you on the internet...thank you very much. 9/26/2000

Hi Edie, Yes, I received the bowl. I'm very happy with it. Hope we can do business again soon. 9/27/2000

I just discovered your web page tonight, it's very impressive. 11/27/2000

Edie, I received the cookie jar and I know my daughter-in-law will just love it, I know I sure do. Thank you. 12/8/2000

Thanks so much for answering my inquiry. I really appreciate your taking the time to email me. 1/16/2001

I just went back to your web page and your store is fantastic! I wish you lived just a little bit closer to Colorado. 2/8/2001

Just to let you know, the pot arrived safely today. Many thanks for packing it safely. I am very pleased with it. 3/7/2001

Hi Edie, Everything arrived yesterday and I love it. The wine glasses are really exceptional. 3/8/2001

I have had fun looking around at all the sites, incl. e-bay and I find your site far superior to the others. Congratulations on a job well done and you provide a great service to people like me who love to entertain but don't have the time to scour the landscapes looking for items. 3/12/2001

I am only half way through glassware but had to stop and send you an email and tell you your web site is just great - the best I have seen - and I will send it to all my friends. Can you believe I have been viewing your web site for two hours now and am so enthralled. I just can't believe all the wonderful pieces you have. Your web site is special because you show us the pictures of the items. Keep up the good work and may you be enriched by your web site. 3/14/2001

I have enjoyed looking at your web site, and particularly the elegant glass section. 4/4/2001

Dear Edie, How nice of you to think of me in your searches and then report on it. I am happy that I bought the plates and goblets in addition to the sherbets and bowls from you. Thank you again. 4/10/2001

The Jeannette glass came in today. They are in great shape, thank you! 4/13/2001

...I want you to know that I have visited your web site. I must say that it is one of the most organized and informative web sites for Depression glass I have seen. I love all the info on books and the maps for the show locations! You are a credit to the passion of glass! 4/22/2001

Hi, I just found your site...very well done!! 5/12/2001

Edie, Everything arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for your consideration and attention to detail. 5/14/2001

Just love your web site!!! I have it bookmarked. It is a treasure trove of info. Your web designers did a great job. Your pics are great. The site is really easy to use... 6/16/2001

I do so appreciate you giving of your time to respond to my questions, and yes the info was very helpful. Once again Thank you. 7/11/2001

I received the tray a few days ago. I am very happy with it. Please keep me in mind should you come across any more pieces in this pattern. Many thanks... 7/18/2001

I got the cookie jar safe and sound yesterday. It looks great on my kitchen counter with my other happy face periphenilia. Thanks again for all your help! 7/26/2001

Your web site is one of the best I have seen, fast, efficient, organized, and a wonderful selection of items! Congratulations of finding a web designer who REALLY knows their stuff! 7/30/2001

Hi Edie, I am enjoying the large McKee bowl I bought from you!! I make a lot of salads and fruit concoctions and that is the perfect size for my family!! Thanks for keeping me in mind and have a lovely summer!! 7/31/2001

You are the best. 8/25/2001

Hi Edie, Your web site is one of the easiest to navigate that I have come across. I teach an introductory internet class here at the library and I often use your site to teach people how to use the internet. Several have written down your name and address because they were interested in glass. Hope it generated some business for you. 9/6/2001

...I do so enjoy your web site...and Edie I must tell you that I also enjoy the SOLD portion of the categories.

Edie, The cookie jar arrived Saturday, in perfect condition. It is beautiful. Thanks. 9/17/2001

Thank you Edie. You have been absolutely wonderful. It has been a pleasure. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. 9/21/2001

Hi Edie, I received the glasses today and they are wonderful. Thank you so much for the quality items. 10/3/2001

Hi Edie, Thank you for your kind response to my email requesting assistance of determining the maker - style of the salt & pepper shakers. Thank you for your valued opinion again. 10/18/2001

Hi Edie! I thought I emailed you. They are here and they are beautiful just as promised. I'm very pleased. Thank you for packing them so well. Even my husband was impressed! 11/2/2001

Item arrived safe and sound. Thank you so very much. My wishes for a healthy and happy New Year. 12/28/2001

Hi Edie, I just wanted to thank you for holding the dishes for me - they were very nice. Thanks. 1/10/2002

Hi Edie! I received the seven sets of yellow lorain cups and saucers and they were in PERFECT condition. Of course, it took me at least a half hour to unwrap them - wow! fantastic packing! 1/12/2002

Have been scanning your site, again. (you are so organized and it is such a pleasure to view it). 1/21/2002

Hey Edith, Received my order and everything was perfect. Was packed very well. Thanks. 2/2/2002

Hi Edie, Thanks for the quick reply. This is my first look at your web site and I have bookmarked it. Thanks again. 2/3/2002

Received on Sat - It's beautiful - thank you so much!! 2/19/2002

Received the glasses in perfect condition. Excellent packing job! Thanks for the great sevice. 3/13/2002

To confirm my sister is THRILLED with the pitcher...she appreciates it so much. I compliment you on your expertise, assistance and excellent reputation...I could go on and on...Have a wonderful day...what a great business. 6/20/2002

Hi Edie, I received the vase today safe and sound. Thank you very much. I am very happy with it. I'm sure I'll be speaking to you again soon. 8/26/2002

Hi Edie! Received the plates today. They arrived safely and are perfect!!! Exactly what I have been looking for. I appreciate your time, efforts and courteous service. I look forward to the possibility of further future transactions. 9/25/2002

Hi Edie, After receiving your e-mail list of new glass (which we were very pleased to receive, even if there wasn't any Fry listed) we went to your web site. It is very very nice with a lot of information and pictures. Your web site is very impressive and well done. We will keep an eye on it. 9/29/2002

Hello, My parents received the cookie jar and they loved it! Thank you. 10/24/2002

Edie, you are a complete and total utter legend and I thank you! 12/8/2002

I just wanted to let you know that I received the Yona figurines. They are lovely, better than their picture. You do a great job at packing. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. 3/25/2003

I received the cracker jar in the mail on Saturday and it is perfect. I love it!!! It looks great in my kitchen and I appreciate you taking care of that for me. 4/7/2003

Hi Edie, Just got my Scotty dog in the mail and I am delighted. It's perfect and I will just add it to my others and enjoy. Thank you so much and I will be checking your site often. 4/17/2003

I just found your site and wanted to say how nice it is to find so many nice things all in one place. Thanks for putting so much hard work into your site, I will be sharing the link to it with many others who like and collect a good number of the things you have featured. Oh and by the way; Nice touch keeping the items you have already sold available for others to see. It sure helps to expand one's knowledge when being able to see what else is out there by a certain glass company, even if they can't purchase it a the moment. 7/11/2003

Do I hear angels singing??? Thank you, thank you, for the information you provided!! Thanks so much for your help. 8/17/2003

My order arrived yesterday in great shape. Thank you. 8/20/2003

The cup arrived perfectly the other day. And, it is perfect, too. Thank you so much. My mom will be thrilled that I at least have been able to replace one of two missing cups. 9/28/2003

I got the bowls yesterday and they are beautiful. Thank you so much. 10/17/2003

I received the bowl today ... it arrived safely. You packed it well!!! It is a gorgeous piece and it will go well with the rest of my Lorain. It is a pleasure doing business with you ... if I see anything else on your web I like I will email you. Thanks again. 10/29/2003

Thank you again for calling the other night to check on the status of the shipment. Indeed, it arrived in great shape. It does appear to be in very good condition and makes a great addition to my collection. Thank you again and continued good luck with your glassware business. 11/2/2003

Received the candlesticks today in perfect condition. Thanks so very much! Happy Holidays! 12/11/2003

Edith, the tiffin blue candlesticks arrived safely yesterday. Many thanks. 12/23/2003

Hi Edie, I hope you never get "too old" to keep doing what your doing because you probably have one of the most beautiful stores I have ever seen ... and all I saw was pictures! You have to give me directions from New York City! 1/18/2004

Received package -- the cup and saucer are lovely. Thank you for packaging it so well and for safe shipping. 1/30/2004

...your store looks fantastic! Wish I were nearby to come and browse. Thank you Edie, I appreciate the info you gave me... 2/12/2004